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  • Julie (Monday, April 06 15 12:51 pm EDT)

    My daughter loves these after school classes. She is in first grade and enjoys creating and replicating through art. Mr. Artist Guy inspires her and has taught her some very cool techniques. I think
    it is great that the kids are encouraged to work on art that is meaningful to them and that expresses their unique artistic interpretation. And it is a bonus that they offer to laminate the finished
    art work. Both Mr. Artist Guy and Spring are personable and make the classes fun. I recommend you give a class a try!

  • Sam Denlinger (Thursday, March 12 15 09:59 pm EDT)

    my sister kate loves it

  • Terri Rithner (Thursday, March 12 15 07:57 pm EDT)

    My daughter loves your class including all the personalized advice and fun art mediums that are provided!

  • Aerin 8 (Thursday, March 12 15 07:48 pm EDT)

    I think its fun when you learn new things about art

  • kate 7 (Thursday, March 12 15 07:09 pm EDT)

    pretty cool class

  • Ryan 8 (Thursday, March 12 15 06:53 pm EDT)

    the art work is tarrific and awesome.

  • Lauren (Thursday, March 12 15 06:42 pm EDT)

    I love to draw with MrArtistGuy!

    Lauren Age 8yrs old

  • Jennifer (Thursday, July 24 14 01:22 pm EDT)

    My son attended the Harry Potter drawing camp earlier this month - he'd been looking forward to it all summer, and it turned out to be his favorite camp so far! On the first day, he decided he wanted
    to make a book describing and illustrating all of the magical creatures he could think of from the series. When he got home that afternoon, he immediately set to work on his "research", so he could
    take it back with him the next day. As his eyes were opening that morning, he said, "I can't wait to go back to camp today - I wish all of my homework was that fun!" At the end of the 3 days, he had
    an amazing "field journal"-type bound book, with his own beautiful illustrations and descriptions, and plenty of room for additions. He's hoping to do more Harry Potter camps in the future!

  • Jennifer (Thursday, July 24 14 12:59 pm EDT)

    We had a fairy-drawing birthday party for our 7 year old daughter this summer, and she just loved it! As parents, it was one of the easiest parties we've ever had - we provided fairy cookies and
    juice boxes, and they did the rest. At the end, the girls had their very own (framed!) drawings to take home :)

  • Alisa Thomas (Monday, May 19 14 11:28 pm EDT)

    Both of my 7 year olds took the Birds and Bugs drawing class at the library. They absolutely loved it, were so proud of what they drew, and came home with a true work of art. They also loved working
    with Mr. Artist Guy and Spring and get so excited now when we see them around town. We are signing up for more classes.

  • Sue (Monday, April 28 14 11:26 pm EDT)

    My daughter just turned 5 and loves to draw. The teachers were immediately able to tap into her interests. She loved the class and couldn't wait to show me her creation: a beautiful fish!

  • kelly (Sunday, April 20 14 06:40 pm EDT)

    Richard came to present to all of the kindergartners at Swigert and they all left wanting to try their hand at a bird, just like him! He is engaging and he gives kids the confidence to give drawing a

  • Jessica (Wednesday, April 16 14 06:13 pm EDT)

    Our 5 year old budding artist attended the Stapleton Lego figures class and absolutely loved it! He was so proud to bring home his own framed piece of art. We loved that it kept his interest for the
    full session and that he came home with the art and even art supplies (a sketch pad and oil pastels!) He can't wait to take another class.

  • Ethan (Saturday, March 15 14 10:43 am EDT)

    I like to draw animals, plants, and comics. I can't wait to take more classes with Richard!
    Age 9

  • Ellie (Saturday, March 15 14 10:36 am EDT)

    Richard taught me how to draw flowers. I like to draw them every day!
    Age 6

  • Jennifer (Saturday, March 15 14 10:28 am EDT)

    We love Richard and Spring! My kids are always so excited about the new things they can draw - they want to do it over and over again! (We go through a lot of paper!) Richard is great at working with
    them at their own ability levels and keeping them interested and engaged. Spring and Richard both seem to have an endless supply of patience and energy for children :) I would highly recommend their

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